Sending an Agent Unsolicited Emails Usually Gets You Deleted

A few days ago, the following voice mail was left on my phone:

“Hi, my name is [redacted]. I’m an artist, specifically an actress. I called to set up a meeting with you. I have a specific vision on the kind of career I want to create and the kind of artist that I am. And I would like to sit down and talk with you and see if you share that vision. Part of that vision is just being an actress of integrity, honesty, character, and honest authentic communication. If that’s something that resonates with you, you can call me back at … ”

In case you’re wondering, no, I did not call her back, and no, I’m not exaggerating for effect. Every word of that paragraph is verbatim. I’m sharing this drivel because I want you to see the kind of nonsense that lands on my desk every single day.

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