Acting Tips For Beginners

Acting, for me, is letting go of myself for a while and become somebody who I will never be. It is like living an alternate life for a brief period of time. It is an opportunity to conquer all my inhibitions, conditioned by society and release myself from them. This Buzzle article has some acting tips for beginners from my study and experience of ‘Method Acting’ or ‘Realistic Acting’, an acting theory, which is based on realistic imagination. The acting principles explained here are based on Stanislavski’s theoretical treatise, on method acting called ‘An Actor Prepares‘, which is recommended reading for any serious student of theater and acting. By nature acting is a ‘Performing‘ art and ergo, to understand it theoretically is not learning it, just as there is a difference between knowing the path and actually walking the path. Don’t consider yourself a student of acting till you actually begin to ‘act’. Only believe in what I share here, if you find it to be true through your own experience.

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