Spoiler Alert: Why the ‘Glee’ Extra (Sort of) Matters

By now, people everywhere—or at least those who have too much time on their hands and don’t care about real news—know the story of Nicole Crowther, the “Glee” extra who tweeted a spoiler about an upcoming episode and immediately became the most reviled girl in all of Internetland. After Crowther revealed the identity of McKinley High’s prom queen (sadly, it’s not Carrie White), “Glee” fans took to message boards to call for her head. Then series co-creator Brad Falchuk threatened her career via Twitter, saying that he hoped the actor was “qualified to do something besides work in entertainment.” Then Donald Trump demanded to see her birth certificate. After days of silence, Crowther fired back on Monday, having no doubt realized over the weekend that her 15 minutes had arrived and she better join the party before it ended. The actor issued a statement asserting that she wasn’t even involved in the taping of the episode in question and had heard the spoiler from a friend at a dinner party. “I didn’t violate any code of ethics or violate a contract,” Crowther said. She did not add, “And Brad Falchuk is a self-important bully who can sit on it,” but she probably should have.

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