Making the Most of Your Headshot

Last week, we discussed how important it is for actors to take charge when it’s time for new pictures. Headshots are still one of your most important marketing tools. The right one can make a huge difference in your career, and a bad one will get you nowhere fast. That’s why you have to be extremely selective about who you choose to take your pictures.

So don’t be lazy. Do your homework. Check out the shots your actor friends are using. Do you like them? Do they capture the subject’s look and personality? Did your friend enjoy the session? If the answer is yes to all three questions, then add that photographer’s name to your hit list. Once you have three possible choices, it’s time to meet those people in person.

And that’s the key, folks. You can’t just hire someone over the phone or web. It’s not like you’re ordering a pizza. The relationship between photographer and subject is an intimate one, so you have to meet in person. Forget about anyone who doesn’t have time to do this.

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