Acting Coach Risa Bramon Garcia Shares a Simple Key to Success

There was “The Secret”—a hot subject for a while—and we all sort of figured out what that was: the law of attraction. What we put out is what we attract. Makes sense.

And then there’s the secret lurking behind the door of the audition room. What goes on in there? What do they want? What’s the key to success in that baffling place and time? Well, like that other “secret,” it’s pretty simple.

I suspect you’ve heard and read a lot about the audition process. We all have our opinions. Let’s distill it: You come in (you’ve been invited), join in (we’re all trying to figure this out together), bring your version to the table (that’s what we’re missing), get to it (we need to find it as soon as possible), absolutely go for it (that’s what you’re there to do), and we’ll go anywhere you take us. Okay, maybe it’s not easy, but it’s not complicated.

First off, I don’t like the word “audition.” It’s toxic. It puts one in the mindset of being judged. Of course there’s evaluation and decision making, but if you can embrace an audition as an opportunity to work and those people in the room as your collaborators, you can reframe the whole experience. You’re as much a part of this process as anybody else. Nobody’s asking you to give up your power. It truly is your time, your space, your chance to work.

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