Web Series Can Be a Major Career Avenue

Hollywood is taking a page out of the Chatsworth playbook by increasingly looking to the web as a way to host and distribute content. As a result, web series production is growing exponentially, leaving actors, casting directors, and even SAG-AFTRA struggling to adapt to the changing landscape.

FilmL.A. has kept an annual tally of permitted production days for TV webisodes, mobisodes, and podcasts going back to 2008. One permitted production day, or PPD, is defined as a single crew’s permission to film a single project, at a single defined location in the Los Angeles area, during any given 24-hour period. In 2008, there were 386 PPDs. In 2011, there were 1,116. Already in 2012, there have been 704, according to the not-for-profit, which coordinates permits for on-location motion picture, television, and commercial production.

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