Resume Do’s and Don’t

Either we’ve been guilty of doing at least one of these things or we see a lot of people do these things on their resumes and laugh. Feel free to add more.

  1. Putting your address on it.
  2. Listing your home phone number
  3. Listing Non Union under your name. It’s a waste of ink! It’s assumed you’re non union if you have no unions listed.
  4. Listing extra work and saying you’re “featured”.
  5. Saying it’s a student film. Why list yourself as a minor league player? Your goal is to play the major leagues. Film is film as long as you get good footage. If it’s not a studio production, it’s INDIE!
  6. Leaving your old agency logo on and crossing it out.
  7. Saying you’re Fi Core. Though it is a legal right recognized by the US Supreme Court, it has a stigma. If you’re going for SAG, your resume says SAG. If you’re going for non union, it says SAG Eligible.
  8. Listing one day Scientology/sell-a-thon/free seminars as training. I HAVE seen people list these.
  9. Listing casting director workshops as training. Killian, Chris Game, and Megan Foley are a few exceptions for they actually teach classes on commercial technique.
  10. Just because you can imitate Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins does NOT qualify you to list English accent.
  11. Putting dates, years, age. DON’T put anything that might age you.
  12. Listing an age range. It’s the CDs who ultimately determine that, NOT you!
  13. Listing commercials and print work. Say you did a Pepsi commercial YEARS ago with the conflict long expired and you audition for a Coke commercial. CDs can be like kids and go “eww…he did a Pepsi commercial so let’s not call him in.”

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