SAG/AFTRA Merger Committee Sets Unprecedented Meeting to Work on Plan

They’ve been working plenty hard, but now they’re amping up to another level. “They” would be the SAG/AFTRA merger committee, and in a few weeks they’ll holding what must be an unprecedented eight- or nine-day meeting, AFTRA and SAG said Monday.

The unions’ statement comes in the wake of a less formal, two day “check-in” meeting that concluded Monday, in which the committee – called the SAG/AFTRA Group for One Union, or G1 – reviewed progress to date on developing a plan to merge the two unions.

Presumably, not many G1 members – or senior SAG and AFTRA staff – will be taking relaxing vacations this holiday season. That’s because the timing is tight: not only is the formal meeting less than a month away – Jan. 8-15 – but just two weeks after that, the two unions’ boards will be convening to vote on the plan.

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