CD Chris Game Brings His Well-Rounded Experience to the Audition Room

Chris Game knows what you’re going through. The Los Angeles–based casting director has worked as an actor, director, writer, and production assistant and has been teaching acting for over 10 years. After teaching more than 2,000 students, Game has decided to open his own acting school and casting space. “The formal announcement will happen as early as November,” he says. As a casting director, he uses all his experience along with his subtle humor to help get the performance he wants from the actors who audition for him. Humor also helps when you need to cast roles such as a diver who can do a triple lindy or a blind albino African American who can dance and play guitar—both of which Game has been asked to find. “I also once had to populate a Tibetan village within 24 hours,” he says. He has also cast national commercials for Harley-Davidson, Swiffer, Shell, Burger King, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Wells Fargo, Beck’s, Lego, Oscar Mayer, and many other companies. His independent film credits include “The Good Humor Man,” “The Uninvited,” “Donner Pass,” and the upcoming “Scary or Die.”

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