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An acting audition is a job. You have to get that in your head. Doing well at an acting audition is the only way you will get the actual job and get paid. While you never know what you might be doing at an acting audition (especially a commercial audition) there are some things you should never do. These are things that may just get you blacklisted from a casting director so they’ll never call you in again. Try explaining that one to your agent.

Acting Audition Tip #1 – Don’t Chew gum
Don’t ever walk into an audition chewing gum. It’s unattractive and comes across terribly on camera. Plus it likely doesn’t fit the role you’re auditioning for unless it’s a valley girl. Even so, show them who you are without the gum, that can always be added later.

Acting Audition Tip #2 – Don’t Talk too much
Don’t talk too much. It will annoy the casting director and assistant and then may cause you to miss something they tell which is important, like some directions on how to do your audition or scene.

Acting Audition Tip #3 – Don’t Forget your headshot
Make sure you always have your headshot with you. It doesn’t matter that they’ve seen your photo before. They want another one, give it to them. Or maybe they didn’t even see your photo. Your agent may have called you in. They need to see you and keep a picture of you.

Acting Audition Tip #4 – Don’t Have an unstapled resume
Staple your resumes before you get there. It’s tacky to use their stapler to staple your most important work document. Keep a mini stapler in your car if you have to just don’t hand in an unstapled headshot and resume.

Acting Audition Tip #5 – Don’t Make excuses
Don’t make excuses for not having the script memorized, being late or not being dressed correctly. They don’t care, they’ve heard it all before.

Acting Audition Tip #6 – Don’t Touch the casting director
Casting directors do not want to be touched by a hundred different actors. They don’t want all your germs and get sick. Don’t touch them. If they extend their hand to shake yours that’s one thing, if they don’t though just let it be. Give them their space by simply going in and doing your thing.

Acting Audition Tip #7 – Don’t Be rude (to anyone!)
There’s no reason to be rude. Everyone is just there to do their job and nothing more. Respect everyone, the other actors, the assistant and the casting director themselves.

Acting Audition Tip #8 – Don’t Talk about acting, dancing or singing
Everyone in Hollywood (and New York) can act, sing and dance. They don’t care. They want to learn who you are as a human being and what else you’re involved in and can do. Talk about something else.

Acting Audition Tip #9 – Don’t Crash casting sessions
Do not ever crash a casting session. If you weren’t called in there’s probably a reason. If you happen to be around for another audition and you think you’re right for another one you can ask the casting director, don’t just sign in and pretend like you’re supposed to be there. It’s rude and you will be blacklisted by the casting director.

Acting Audition Tip #10 – Don’tShow up late
Always arrive early, do not show up late to your auditions, it’s rude. It is like showing up work to late, unprofessional and careless. Just don’t do it.

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