Become Famous: Tips to Get Famous

Want to know how to become famous

hHere is a guide to help you!

Once you arrive in Hollywood looking to get famous as a screen star, you will face one main question: how do I break in?

Well, first off, there are a number of good ways to become famous, and you need to get yourself up in front of casting directors, producers, and an audience quickly. The fastest ways to do that are – classes, extra jobs, self-promotion, low budget films, and getting representation. Make sure that you have a headshot (8×10 photo of your face), and some sort of resume, and then charge into stardom like a bull.

: Step #1

Depending on your particular talents, you may take dance, singing, or scene study; but for sure you need an audition class, an on-camera & casting class and it is always good to take an improv class just to loosen you up. A place like actor’s boot camp is good, and The Improv Olympic will put you on stage immediately (a good way to become famous).

: Step #2

Being extras can be fun and profitable. Some of the biggest stars began their careers doing extras work and bit parts. Contact Central Casting (, for extra jobs, they’re the biggest extra’s casting agency in LA. Once you get some extra jobs, you will be well on your way to get famous. Remember, as soon as the guard at the studio gate finds your name on the list, it’s “Welcome to Hollywood” You are now part of the movie business. If you have what it takes you’ll do well, and whenever you’re in the break room (which will be 80% of the time), you’ll make friends

: Step #3

Another way to become famous, a little bit, is by entering your name in on IMDB (the internet movie database). Once casting directors are able to look you up on IMDB it is a completely new ball game.

: Step #4

Then get a better headshot, and join, a do-it-yourself casting breakdown service that lists all the low budget movies in town. This will help you set yourself up with speaking-role audition. However, if you insist on a higher salary you will not become famous quite as fast. The value of doing low budget work is that the roles are bigger.

: Step #5

Once you have a whole bunch of low budget movie credits, it is time to get an agent or a manager. You may not be union yet, but you will have SAG vouchers from your extra jobs, and once you have collected three then you can become union any time you want.

So now, you are getting roles, taking meetings, going to audition and casting sessions, and well on your way to get famous. To paraphrase Michael Cain from his book on how to become famous as a performer in the movies, ‘if you want to be a lead, then only take the leading roles’. So, “choose the way how to be famous for you, and stick to it”. Are you a character, a comedian, a villain, an ingénue or a leading man? Commit to one and be that person, everywhere you can, in every role no matter how small, even on You Tube. Become a screen personality. In addition, if you stick with all these steps, you will find your path: leading towards the movie stardom that you seek.

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