Don’t be Penny-wise When it Comes to Headshots

I’ve been photographing actors with digital cameras exclusively for 10 years. When I used to write about digital technology, so much of it was new. But now it’s everywhere and we take it for granted. Today I’ve been writing on my laptop, unplugged, at the park, at the library, and on my couch. Pictures and text pop up on my iPhone as I work. How can we not think of digital photography as easy and “instant”? But there are still some aspects of it you have to consider.

Regardless of how it is created, your headshot is still your calling card, your best foot forward. Our goal with any camera is to capture something authentic about you as an actor. Everyone should be able to look at your photo and have a great idea of who is going to walk in the door when you have an audition or a callback. One thing technology has changed is that, rather than an 8-by-10 print, casting directors are going to be seeing a small image of you on a computer screen, mixed with several dozen other actors’ photos. It’s more important than ever that your picture stand out.

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