20 Year Anniversary of The Actors’ Network

A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step!

After more than 4000 actors have come through the door, over 800 industry guest speaker sessions, more than 1250 topical discussions, and 2000+ Power Group meetings The Actors’ Network turns 20.  Over the years such outstanding alums and current members include: Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty), Masi Oka (Heroes), Merrin Dungey (King of Queens), Maggie Grace (Lost/Taken), Tamara Braun (General Hospital), Amir Talai (The Ex List), Chad Brokaw (Altell Spokesperson), Scott Elrod (Men in Trees), Paul Logan (Days of our Lives), Lisa K. Wyatt (Legally Blonde), Johnny Kastle (Scrubs), Todd Sherry (Get Smart), Casting: Lonnie Hamerman, Mandy Sherman and hundreds more!

It all began in a small Studio City apartment, on Carpenter Ave., on May 1st, 1991.  Kevin E. West (Founder/President) sat down for the first official meeting of The Actors’ Network.  In attendance: Suzi Kesler, Elisabeth Camara, Bill Bassett, Kevin Collins, Mel Metcalfe III, Leslie Nattinger and David Ridenhour. The meeting was only 90 minutes long, and was pure conversation about topics that face us as performers.  The immense need for those topics, conversations, engagements, mutual assistance and support still exist today, especially in a digitally non-human driven world, and therefore The Actors’ Network still remains diligent in its mission and philosophy.

“Help us, help you…help all of us.”
“Learn from the mistakes of others, you don’t have time to make them all yourselves.”

On December 13, 1993, a young man named, Paulo Andrés, walked into TAN one night to audit.  He not only became a member but by 1995 was working for Kevin and eventually became his business partner in The Actors’ Network.  From 1995 through 2001 Paulo’s active presence helped lead the organization into what it has become today.  In 2002, Paulo made the decision to become a Personal Manager, creating NTM, then Link Talent and now what is RPA Entertainment with partners Rachel Rothman and Kurt Patino.  Paulo remains the VP of The Actors’ Network and his continued influence and insight is a guiding force for both Kevin E. West and the organization.

The Actors’ Network was the first company or organization in the history of Hollywood to provide a city-wide retail discount program in Los Angeles, it was the first business organization of its kind for performers, as well as the first entity to have a regular weekly guest speaker series and change the course of how listening to industry folks would be heard forever when the Screen Actors Guild adopted their policies for asking questions in the late 90’s.  We created the first organized internship program for industry professionals to utilize, while creating a revolution of intelligence within the acting community in terms of the pursuit of your career.

The success profiles, individual victories, industry endorsements, and exponential success too numerous to mention or remotely able to fathom or quantify.  We thank you, at our deepest core, for being a part of The Actors’ Network success, history and journey!

Kevin E. West, Founder/President
Paulo Andrés, VP/Co-owner

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