Head Case: Actors Acting Against Their Best Interests

Often in my private one-on-one classes there comes a point when I realize that the actor sitting in front of me is too much in their head. To borrow and mangle-by-paraphrase Arthur Miller: Their craniums are living thoughts of quiet desperation with destructive speculations ricocheting off one another:

Is there something wrong I’m doing that is causing my career not to flourish?

Why am I not getting to the goals I want?

Failure must be my fault.

I suck.

Just like my actor-students, we all at some point in our journey pull ourselves into these destructive weigh-stations of negative reflection. Yet when that nagging inner-voice routes its phantom calling to our cranium, we sometimes have the tendency to wallow in the false comfort of empty self-pity. There is no substance within the wretched thoughts to offering the soul healthy nourishment.

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