Character Type?

This is a brief list of the different “types” of characters that casting directors are looking for and how you should dress for them:

Blue collar

Rugged, construction worker, people who work with their hands. A flannel shirt, ringer t-shirt, colored t-shirt to accent eyes.

The Tough Guy

If you look big, tough and intimidating this is a good photo to have. Maybe a bouncer, private security, gangster, or mafia type. Slicked back hair, nice button-down with a leather jacket.


Think power CEO, politician or diplomat, even middle management. A nice suit or sports jacket with a tie.


For women – this is how you would dress if you were just hanging with the guys watching a game.  A subtle team jersey, hair in a pony tail with very little make-up.

The Slacker

Loose fitting clothes, scruffy face, bed head hair.


Wear an outfit you would wear to the gym or yoga, hair pulled back for women and very little make-up, messy and w/o products for men.


An outfit you would wear to go camping – Plaid patterns, jeans, khakis, t-shirts, little make up, natural hair, possible scruff for men.

The All-American

Clean cut, well shaven, hair done, big smiles, kind of person you take home to meet the  folks, spending time w/ family, watching the football game, relaxed and comfortable.


Expressive faces, odd outfits, creative hairstyles.


Artistic, Edgy
Hospital worker/Intern
Martial Arts Guy

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