Trust Your Talent During Auditions

You know the dream. No, not the one where you clutch the gold statue with a big smile on your face. The other dream, where you are falling and wake up right before you land, usually terrified and gasping for breath. A common dream and a common fear, right? Yet I have a few friends who skydive. They seem relatively normal, and they literally transform that fear of falling into a joy of falling. And they love the free fall more than the takeoff, the jumping, the holding hands and making funny shapes in the air, or the landing.

This metaphor has everything to do with auditioning. Trust me, I know because I have been doing it, relatively successfully, for a very long time. Not at first, by the way. I would have never been cast in anything had I consistently embraced the audition methods parroted by so many misinformed (but hopefully well-intentioned) “teachers” who filled my neophyte brain with all manner of audition dos and don’ts.

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