Does Producing and Starring in an Indie Preclude Other Gigs?

Dear Michael:
I’m four years out of acting school. In that time I’ve acted up a storm: theater, film, even a little television. I’ve also formed a production company with a colleague. We’re working on a feature-length indie film I wrote and am acting in, but it’s taking a while, as these things do, and it’ll be another six to nine months before it’s finished. Then there’s the lengthy business of getting it out there.

How much should I worry about doing other acting projects while producing my film? I keep panicking, thinking I’m not doing enough else (I’m doing some side projects, but mostly with people I’ve worked with before), but I don’t want to shortchange myself by not giving 100 percent to the film. Is it worth letting projects go to dedicate myself to my film? Or is that too risky, in the event this film doesn’t become big enough to really help move my acting career forward and I’ve “lost” a couple of years of momentum?

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