CD Jennifer Euston Says Actors Should Look But Not Touch

“I open the door for a lot of actors, I hope,”Jennifer Euston says of her career as a casting director. “My job is to open the door. But they get the jobs. I don’t get them for them.”

Euston knows that it is in her own interest to coax the best possible performance, and she will even spend time soothing a nervous actor before beginning an audition.

“When they come into the room for me, I want actors to feel so comfortable, at ease, and relaxed,” she says. “Because if they’re relaxed, they’ll do the best job they can do. And I want them to do the best job they can do, because then I can get the part cast and part of my job is done. I’m always rooting for the actor. If they do a good job, then I did a good job.”

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