Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

kombucha tea
kombucha tea

Often mistaken for a mushroom, Kombucha is in fact a colony of yeast and bacteria. The tea is concocted by adding the colony to green or black tea with some sugar, and then allowing the mixture to ferment. The resulting beverage will then contain B vitamins, vinegar, and other chemical compounds. In the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this type of tea is labeled as the “elixir of life” and “Tea of Immortality.”

According to those who have tasted the special tea, its taste resembles the flavors of apple cider and wine, depending on the type of tea that was used and the fermentation process it underwent. One of the major health benefits of Kombucha tea is its detoxification properties. The tea is rich in bacterial acids and enzymes that the body produces and uses to cleanse and detoxify itself, thus helping reduce the stress on the pancreas and easing the load on one’s liver. Kombucha tea is also rich in Glucaric acid which has been reported to help prevent certain cancers.

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